If you have been unsuccessfully trying to get some gaming action in between your works at your office due to the stringent proxy server settings, here is a fun way to do that. First, you need to understand how the proxy settings work. The proxy acts similar to a gate watchman. Whenever you place any request to access any file or website through the Internet, it cross references the type of file with the list of blocked contents.

If the site content is not among the ones which are blocked, then it allows the user to access the site. Online games mostly run on flash players, and this requires support of flash player plugin from the browser. The flash player plugin is not among those which are blocked, since the flash player has multiple uses. But most of the major gaming sites are among the URLs which are blocked and thus you cannot gain access to these websites. In order to enjoy gaming bypassing this security, you need to search for unblocked games.

Most of the happy wheels unblocked games are posted as links in various blogs, a number of which are hosted by Google itself. Unless you have a security protection blocking Google, you will get unhindered access to these unblocked games blogs. The flash games are embedded into the blogs and act as a part of it, simply taking the support from the flash player of the browser. These unblocked games blogs contain games of almost every genre. Whether you are a lover of sports or arcade games or puzzles, or if you love to enjoy some shooting or racing, you will find it all in the list. Hundreds of unblocked games are available for the user to take a pick from. So find a great unblocked games site and enjoy unlimited gaming.

Free Animal jam codes for diamonds 2015

If you are generating the codes by the use of the animal jam code generator, you will not have to pay for anything. You may also find the codes which can help you to get the discount if you want to watch the TV shows, to listen to the favorite music or to get to new features of the game.

What to do when the animal jam codes for diamonds 2014 do not work

In case you are using the codes, you have to ensure that you add the money the code at the master wallet. When you use the animal jam codes for diamonds 2015, you are not going to find any problem. The value of a voucher is going to be added at once. But you have to know that in some cases, the code can fail and it can show that it is invalid. If the codes do not work, you should not worry since it is something that happens. In this case, you have to log out of the account and login so that you can try again. You have always to make sure that you are entering the number as they look like on the code.

When you use the codes for animal jam games, you have to ensure that the codes you are using are based on the area where you are living. If it is the voucher that you have paid for, you have to make sure that it is valid and you have to use it within the 12 months. When you do not use it within its proposed period, it is going to expire. When you buy the voucher code, check if it should be activated from the retailer who sells it.

It is easy to use the animal jam games

However, you are not going to have any problem with the free animal jam membership code because every code is fresh and unique. It is always generated at once. If you want to enjoy playing your game without any hassle, then you have to go for free codes. Whenever you get access to the codes, you will be able to start to use the codes at once. The animal jam codes for rares are important if you do not have enough time to play the game to get the gems so that you may buy the rares.

PSN Code generator no survey

Everything about the Playstation is entertaining and fun and having the psn code generator is going to make the game more entertaining than it was before. The avid gamers are not able to say no to the exciting games that exist while playing this game. Even if the game is popular game, there are many exclusives can be addictive for the player. If you want to access all of them, you may enjoy the multiplayer gaming, you can watch the movies and you can download the digital content. The Playstation Network or the PSN is the one stop virtual shop that you can buy whatever you like.

Save your money by using the free psn code generator

Sony had created this exciting digital store but you need to have the credits to access it. For the people who want to play but who do not want to pay or who do not want to use the credit card, they should use the free psn code generator. With the generator, they can get all the PSN code generators they need without having to pay for anything.

The free PSN codes are found within the denomination of 50 or 20 dollar. They are recognized officially by the Playstation Network. You can still use the codes for the working generator so that you may have the job done. The process is simple because all you need to do is to download the application from the website and open the generator before you click on the generate button to get the codes.

How to use the psn code generator

When you use the psn code generator no survey for generating the codes, you have to make sure that they were designed to work for European, UK and US. These codes can be redeemed online and they will be added at the account you have. Whenever you get the codes, you will be free to buy anything you want, the newly launched titles, to download the upgrades to the existing game and to get the avatars for your game. You can even rent the newest movies in order to watch the game in the right way. This is the one store that you are going to need for all the entertainment needs and with free psn card code generator to make the deal even sweeter.

Play Moshi Monster game with Codes

Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy has become one of the most played games for kids with more than 80 million registered users currently playing the game. However, the major drawback has been the need for flash player for the game to run. Flash Player support is not available on the mobile devices such as the Tabs and Smartphone. This has made the users of iOS and Android unable to play the Moshi Monster game. Mind Candy has launched Moshy Monster Village for Android and this gives the same fun on these mobile devices.

The Moshi Monster cheat codes might not actually work in this game. If you are playing Moshi Monster Village do remember to build the first house for your pet monster. Following that you will be given various tasks and quests which you will have to complete in order to get ahead in the game. The Moshlings also will need to be saved from Dr. Strangeglove and you will have to save as many Moshlings as you can before it is too late. All through the game you will be building houses for keeping the Moshlings as well as farming for your pet monster and will be associated with various quests. Moshi Monsters membership codes will also be available and can be used for some extra fun.

However, if you are an ardent fan of the original Moshi Monster game and anyhow want that to work on your mobile device as well, check out the Virtual Firefos browser. It allows a number of plug-ins to run on these mobile devices including the flash player. Thus you will now be able to use the Moshi Monster secret codes even in your device to get ahead in the game as fast as possible. The use of Rox or any other coins for speeding up various processes is not advisable, even if you receive the Rox and coins through some free means. These will act as valuable resource for your monster in future and should be conserved for future use in the game. So go ahead and enjoy your Moshi Monster Village codes and other codes on your mobile device too.

Use Boom Beach Hack Tool

The Boom Beach is a third and the newest game which is from the popular game developer called Supercell and it was released by in the past year. Like the developer’s top grosser, the new game is the strategy type game and it is relatively within the same concept with the same games from the same developer. You have to build the base for all the buildings which is necessary and you may need to gather the resources while attacking.   The game is based on complicated but interesting mechanics found within the game. More at

The boom beach hack allows you to get access to extra feature free of charge

Normally the game is meant to be free to play but this does not mean that the developer is not earning the money in the return coming from the game dragon city cheats. The people who can, do what it is known as the in app purchase in order to get to the premium features. The boom beach hack is a lot faster without having to wait for any upgrades. The codes also help the player to buy the iron, wood and gold from this shop without any need to go to the farm from it. The game is basically the advantage for any person who cannot afford buying the diamonds but for the people who cannot.

Enjoy more the game through boom beach hack

You should not be discouraged to use any boom beach hack tool since it is not going to affect you or your account. You have to make sure that you are having the right codes to ensure that you will win the battle.

You can find the latest boom beach cheat online. It has been tested in order to ensure about the effectiveness of the cheat but also the compatibility in some mobile devices. The hack may run in the background without the need to use too many resources on the cellphones or on the tablet. With the boom beach hack apk, you can start to get access to the stones, wood, iron gold and diamonds, similar like clash of clans hack. The resources you needed to get within 20 minutes, now you can get them within few seconds. This is because of the new algorithm which had been developed and also injected towards the latest version of such software.

Safe Movie Star Planet Hacks

The MovieStarPlanet or MSP, as it is popularly known as, is a virtual glamour world giving the player the movie star experience in the virtual world. The role playing game is one of the most popular among the games available for the Android and iOS platform. Those having Microsoft Windows or Mac platform may also get to play the game. The basic objective is pretty simple. You need to be famous in the gaming world.

For achieving fame you need to make movies and complete tasks which are available within the game. A player starts at the lowest level without any fame and very little starcoins. The starcoin is the currency in the MSP world. In order to level up one need to reach fame 3. This can be done by making movies which allows the user to earn starcoins as well as fame.

Those looking for an easy way out of this long process of becoming famous and rich in the virtual Hollywood can easily get help from the Movie Star Planet hack tools. The MovieStarPlanet hack download is available at a number of website but one should be careful about choosing the right one. A good hack tool will come with a number of features. It will be operable across a number of platforms, it will provide starcoins and diamonds for free, it will also provide MSP VIP hack, and it will be safe to use without risking the user to get banned from the game. Most of the high quality hack tools use a number of proxies to protect the user from getting identified crossy road cheats. The ban safety is a great feature, but one should also be careful about using the hack too often.

A MovieStarPlanet hack tool works with an in built glitch in the game. Any hack tool uses this glitch to get as much resource from the game as possible and give it away to the hack tool users for free. However, once a glitch is identified, a patch is always made for the game rendering the hack tool useless. So play safe, be a little less greedy and enjoy.

An enlivening experience with N64 emulator

For an enlivening gaming experience there is no substitute for N64 emulator. Gaming is no longer restricted to video parlours that dotted busy localities, but have made way into apartments and homes. Now your desktop is the playing field and you are the principal player. With games available online you could play them at will and at any point of the day. Playing computer games is addictive, and that too for people of all age groups across the world.super_mario__nintendo_1280x960

For making these online games playable you need to download them and thereafter install an emulator. Emulator N64 is software that enables a game to be played. These games are available online and needs the support of emulator software. Among several emulators available, N64 is superior and is also among the earliest. Participants love playing games that are not only thrilling but also easy to download at 3ds emulator.

Downloading of games is possible only when a desktop or laptop device is integrated with N64 emulator. Without emulator software, downloading and integrations of games is not possible. Thus for having a collection of the best online games the first step would be to integrate N64. Once this integration is complete you computing device is readied for playing online games.

Playing these games using N64 emulator is an enlivening experience because of its enhanced 3D graphics display and unique 64-bit architecture compatibility. In fact, when this emulator was launched some time in 1996 it was far ahead of its time. For this software to run, a 3D graphics cards was mandatory, unlike other applications that successfully run on on-board graphics. To complete setting up of a real- life environment it is desirable to have a HD (high definition) screen and superlative sound system consisting of surround sound speakers and woofer.

Earlier N64 was only compatible to systems having Windows as their working platform. The emulator software is now more open in nature with compatibility extending to systems having Mac OS (operating system), Linux, and of course Windows – Your gaming experience becomes more joyous as availability of his application is online and free. Once installed, it is possible to download online games around the clock and subsequently play them at your convenience.

PS3 emulator for unlimited gaming experience

Gaming is no longer a child’s habit but is a regular pastime even for adults. Everyone from a primary school child to an octogenarian loves sending hours together playing online games. Earlier playing games was an offline phenomenon requiring cassettes and consoles. In their larger adaptation they were played in video parlours fitted with giant screens, consoles, and matching speakers to give you real-life feeling. Later, after the introduction of desktop computers and its widespread popularity in homes, gaming was limited by the number of games bought in the form of CDs and DVDs. Even their possibilities were restricted by titles available in a CD or DVD. Gaming possibilities in fact became almost unlimited after advent of internet and subsequent availability of online games. Only PS3 emulator is needed to play these games.

Once a PS3 emulator is downloaded to a computing device or ‘Smartphone’ you may play as many games as you like without having to worry about monotony setting in. The first step of playing online games is to have an emulator downloaded to your computing or communicating device. For this you must ensure that your working system has a platform of Windows 2000 or higher. This holds true for desktops, laptops, tablets and even mobile devices.

PS3 emulator for PC or other devices is available free of cost on internet. You just need to locate and download this on to your device. Process of downloading PS3 emulator is simple and completed in a few elementary steps as xbox 360 emulator. All you need to do is follow instructions as they appear till the end. Games that are available online could not be played in the absence of PS3 emulator. Before you download PS3 emulator you need to check its compatibility with your operating system.

The finest part of this emulator is its adaptability to different computing and communication devices. Once download is complete, which takes about few minutes, your device is ready for playing any online game. The options are huge, and in fact going by numbers it is virtually limitless. Racing, target shooting, mystery solving are some of the popular games enjoyed by players of all ages. Age is never a pre-condition in playing online games.

MagnumMan’s Multiplayer Scripts for EAW

Looking for Co-op Ace?  Try here.

Sector Assault for SFC II – Updated Apr 14 2001

This script is designed primarily for campaign systems.  Using this script and the included configuration program you can set up a scenario with:

Any starbase playable by the host with some loadout support (shuttles and fighters cannot be configured due to game limitations).
Option of zero to eight DefSats optimally placed around the base.
Option of zero to three FRDs placed behind the base.
Option to have no planet, a light planet, or a heavy (Ph4 armed) planet placed behind the FRDs or base.
Option of disabling the host’s selected space dock ships.

If you are updating there is no need to uninstall the previous release; the installer will update your files.

Reviews and Comments

If you have a comment about Sector Assault, submit it for review to MagnumMan.
Revision History

FIXED incorrect team assignments
Fixed ring planets destroying all defending ships at startup (ring planets 2,6 no longer used)
Added more detail to result file including captures
Added on-screen messages of ships destroyed / disengaged / captured.
Added details on disengaged and destroyed ships to the result file; added ship names to result file.
Starbase marine/mine/repair loadout implemented.
Fixed planet too close to FRDs causing explosions.
First Release.
Known Bugs

MagnumMan’s Co-op Ace

Co-op Ace for EAW and OP – Updated

Note: I have made a single installer that will install Co-op Ace for either EAW, OP, or both depending on which games you have installed on your computer.  You only need to download and run this installer once even if you have both games.
In this multiplayer script up to 6 people confront a massive randomly generated enemy armada.  The enemy is customizable my the game host through an external configuration program.  The enemy’s difficulty level, race, and hull class can be controlled.  This script is absolutely excellent for race-specific training as well as team action training – plus it’s a ton of fun!

Reviews and Comments

“‘The Co-op’ script developed for Starfleet Command II: Empires at War, is a must-have training tool for those who enjoy group actions within SFC2. Not only will it be useful for Dynaverse II and other ‘Campaign’ systems, but it’s fun as hell to play to boot! With a completely configurable setup to enable anyone from the newbie first timer to hardend veteran, it’s guaranteed to satisfy! Although it can be used for solo setup, it truly shines when you get a bunch of your buddies together for some old fashioned butt [sic] kicking fun.” – Dennis Greene, aka SFCShadow, author of Star Trek Starfleet Command II: Empires at War Official Strategy Guide

“MagnumMan has managed to not only master the scripting API, but deliver to us possibly the best player made script for SFC2, the Multiplayer Co-op Ace script.” – RedHotChiliDog Guest Review, Black Ops Station.

“I would have to say that MagnumMan-iCoP has scored a huge hit with this script.” – Captain Stoneyface, Black Ops Station.

“MagnumMan once again delivers in this script! Perfect for those nights when FFA just isnt enough – now the whole fleet can get gutted together ! Top notch Work!” – Admiral Frey_XC, XenoCorp® Inc.

If you have a comment about Co-op Ace, submit it for review to MagnumMan.
Revision History

Features and work by FireSoul:
Fixed an advanced era date range handling problem (OP only).

Features and work by FireSoul and Strafer:
Enhanced enemy fleet selection and generation.
Increased game stability.

Features and work by FireSoul:
Fixed problem where game started with no enemy ships in EAW if OP was not installed.
Fixed game startup sequence to reduce the number of drops.

Features and work by FireSoul:
Fixed early game end bug.
improved SpareParts calculations.
‘zombie’ AI on host drops fixed.
Terrain: Dust Clouds added.
Terrain: Asteroid Belt improved.
Era-based enemies: now uses the game setting for era [OP Only]

Features and work by FireSoul:
Enemy Team selection optimized further.
Faster entry into the game (less crashes due to timeout).
Enemy ships would get no loadouts if enemy ships BPV after selection was ‘0’ (no leftovers).
CoopAce for EAW loaded OP’s coopace customizer settings.
New terrain. “Asteroid Belt”.

Features and work by FireSoul:
More intelligent ship selection!
Ship selection is based on the years the latest ship in the fleet is available, not by era alone.
Hull sizes probabilities have been spread in a way to reflect fleets better: many small ships, some normal-sized ships, and few large-sized ships.
Enemy fleet loadouts and fighter upgrades implemented. (OP Only)
Fixed crashing problems.
Logfile written to C:\Coop.txt has more detail.
Capturing an enemy ship will cause it to self-destruct.

Features and work by MagnumMan:

Combined EAW/OP installer.

Added era selection logic to ensure the enemy armada is picked from the correct era.
No more late era enemies in an early or middle era game, etc.
Added AI Intelligence setting.
Changed default difficulty to 1.1.
Fixed a bug where the game generated no enemies.
Fixed a bug where the game would not end if you captured an enemy ship.
Fixed a bug where the game ended prematurely if someone dropped.
Fixed a bug where the game would not end if the last player disengaged.
Fixed a bug where the game hangs on launch if more than 9 enemy ships are created.
Added a new feature to limit the enemy by specific races.
Added a new feature to limit the enemy by specific hull classes.
Added a new configuration program.
Added an installer.
Fixed a hanging problem when more than 3 or more people join.
First Release.
Known Bugs

EAW host changes effects on enemy carriers: If there’s a host change, carriers on the enemy team will generate new fighters to release. This is because there is no “mSetFighters” function in the SFC:EAW API.
The game itself has a bug making it impossible to determine the bpv of each player’s fleet with loadouts. The bpv calculation is unfortunately based on the stock ship configurations without custom loadouts. You can compensate by raising the difficulty.